Security Operations Center

Spectrum system integration Solution team can help your organization plan, develop and build-up excellent Security Operations Center – SOC 2.0 shield your data assets whilst countering the ever-changing threat landscape.

Some time ago, large corporations have used traditional security operations centers as a source to maintain visibility concerning their information security attitude. With the threat backdrop ever-changing inside the cyber world, threats for next generation and bother vectors surfacing; information assets are very susceptible than ever before. This has guided to organizations to invest more in securing their private information assets boundary extensively – utilizing various security platforms such as firewalls, data outflow protection devices, intrusion prevention systems, end-point security etc.

A heavy investments made by CIO’s has not inevitably translated into better security or mitigation of information stealing. Year 2011 has seen lots of major security breaches across main corporations and increased awareness regarding proactive monitoring, management & maintenance and threat mitigation of security. With the huge number of information security violates and sound revealed security incidents have left many security professionals & executives wondering how useful the deployed controls have been.

Information security needs to be made as a vital process that becomes the central part of any organization. Development and building of a Security Operations Center 2.0 practice around this precise process empowers your business to enhance the diverse security functions across your organization; be it audit, finance, network, HR, applications, systems, etc.

Four basic elements enable SOC 2.0:

  • Operation Support System (OSS) / SIEM 2.0
  • Risk Management 2.0
  • Automation
  • Handling of Incident

All above elements interact with each another to produce a comprehensive workflow for SOC 2.0 operations. Our Solution can help your organization perform a practicability study and evaluation on SOC 2.0. Provide you due-diligence on SOC 2.0 initiatives even as aligning business and needs into the overall workflow process.