Low Level Design

Low Level Design (LLD) is specifying the HLD and describes the actual logic for the entire components of the solution. Detailed Network Security functional diagrams with all the relations and methods among all logic come under the Low level design. Technical specifications are enclosed under LLD with straight references to the HLD. LLD explains all the functional parts of the solution in an comprehensive style so that the implementer can directly interpret and organize the solution based on this.

With Spectrum System Professional Services you can be guaranteed the LLD is an absolute document covering all features of the technical design and validations; from features & functions, restrictions, caveats with configuration information. Our skills and experience will ensure an excellent network security design methodology is converted into the LLD.

Low Level Design Document content must contain;

  • Overall HLD Architecture with Solution
  • Comprehensive Low Level Solution Architecture
  • Physical & Line illustrations also Physical Connectivity-Matrix
  • Primary technical decisions translation & implementations
  • VLAN and IP Schema
  • Logical figures
  • Functions & Features implementations
  • Low Level Design (LLD) Principles
  • Device Configuration along with references to the prerequisites from the HLD

When the LLD documentation has been provided to the client an official review meeting that can be conducted to make sure consistency and perform any validation and evaluation of the LLD prior to proceeding with execution services. We or client’s implementation engineers are then capable to rapidly translate the design document into the essential steps compulsory to configure the solution design. The LLD also serve up as a reference for upcoming design of same solutions; any modification to the current or proposed design is subsequently revision controlled.

Plan, Design, execute, control and Optimize is the network and safety infrastructure approach we at Spectrum utilize. Whether we are involved in only one process or a full set of processes throughout the project lifecycle we uphold complete precision and lucidity during all phases of the project.