Network Integration Services

Our Network Integration offers engineering services to increase existing networks with similar or different technologies. Whether including a new NE or significantly restoring the network with latest multi-vendor tools, Spectrum provides the skill and expertise to efficiently integrate the components and promptly turn-up service. Spectrum integration system engineers have the information and experience necessary to shorten the time between installation and function of new network elements, facilitating clients to more quickly generate service revenues.

Spectrum System Integration present a wide range of services including:

  • approved technical design review
  • formation of blueprint for deploying the functional constituents
  • Nodes Configuration per package of engineering design
  • facilitating physical connections and shorten of logical-connections
  • Validation and approve integrated elements testing into the network
  • Coordination with new vendors as compulsory
  • Turnover package comprising network documentation & configuration details

On network elements installation, our experienced engineers firstly configure the elements, allow physical as well as logical links, and coordinate with intermediary vendors to deliver a traffic-bearing & live system. Drawing on comprehensive experience, Spectrum engineers are capable to make the concurrent changes and adjustments essential to accelerate equipment turn-up without sacrificing excellence. Upon network integration completion, Spectrum will turn over a linked, operational and completely tested network that is prepared to accept live traffic.

Assumptions & Requirements;

Network Integration projects are quoted individual based scope as well as requirements of the network. Contact your  Spectrum Sales representative to plan a consultation.