Assisted Operation Services

Assisted Operations

Assisted Operations provides skilled staff to support with ongoing planning, provisioning deployment, maintenance, or network inspection operations. Highly qualified and supple personnel are available for time based commitments performed either distantly or at client premises. These resources are available for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly assignments, depending on client scope and prerequisites.

Assisted operations deliver following:

Spectrum system integration provides highly skilled and experienced personnel to execute the tasks and job functions as cleared by the client. We match the explicit client requirements with personnel who have the basic skills and experience to guarantee the work is done to satisfaction.

  • Share of tasks & Responsibilities
  • Preparation Of Service
  • Activity Spectrum Customer
  • Define job task, scope, and term of engagement C R
  • Spectrum staff vetted to match compulsory skills & functional requirements R C
  • Spectrum staff provides access to client premise and systems as appropriate C R
  • Order & delivery processes