Network Upgrade Services

Network infrastructure upgrades are crucial to provide availability, security and reliability, while running voice and video on your data network. This tip gives an overview of existing trends affect the network and the key infrastructure considerations you ought to make to upgrade your network efficiently.

What are the reasons for network upgrades?


With the network becoming more significant than ever, the three key reasons for network upgrades are the performance, reliability as well as security.

  • Reliability is also a valuable reason for a network upgrade. As your customer uses multimedia with unified communications over IP for instance telephones, video & IM. it’s imperative that they have a reliable Internet connection with an elevated-functioning router.
  • The last network upgrade engages with security. Everything is going through the similar pipe and becoming integrated, also making sure you have a fanatical firewallis very essential. Lots of network devices have an integrated firewall plus router, but good general practice is to acquire a PIX or any other purpose-built firewall that you can install as a separate device to ensure of firewall processing. That means your firewall can just focus on the diverse kinds of traffic and the ever-rising number of dangers that are coming through the network.