Operations Managment

The operations team at Spectrum System Integration provides a comprehensive range of integrated services focused on maximizing the performance of asset portfolio. We will add partnership with your team to create and maintain safe, comfortable and secure operations.

It is essential that all elements of Business operations are effectively managed to deliver an efficient and  low cost base that is relevant to your core business.We work with organisations ranging from the largest multinational businesses to all areas of the SMEs offering tailored solutions addressing their individual needs.

What we do

Operational effectiveness help manage and develop all aspects of management that you require to keep your business running smoothly, where our clients can focus on the core business operations.

Operating cost planning is a key part of whole life evaluation and must be embedded into the design process to ensure efficient day-to-day operating cost. Clear understanding of business as usual operational costs help drive robust decisions from a lifetime perspective by both the design team and client sponsor.

Learning/lifecycle management: Our understanding of the nature, location and condition of your business helps inform the process of maintenance and lifecycle management. We help you to keep your business operations performing at their optimum levels and maximise their availability and lowest lifecycle cost.

Business Continuity: We implement systems of work and management plans that create an evangelizing environment and place of work for you and your employees.

We have the knowledge and skills to evaluate options from both a whole life and operational efficiency perspective.

What you get

Operations management provides a firm basis for achieving sound performance, and we have our own model to help you make efficiencies across your portfolio.

Benchmark: key activities during the initial stage include information gathering on running cost, and checking and sanitizing details to make sure that data is accurate. If gaps are apparent, missing data is estimated appropriately.

Analyses: this stage investigates the required report outputs analysing, validating performance of businesses or systems and testing why they perform as indicated. However, the key output from the analysis is the ability to understand performance drivers in order to set in place plans to mitigate areas of concern.

Actions: next we integrate our data analysis and benchmarking results to develop an improvement plan. Improvements to business management practices typically deliver between a 5–25 percent saving in annual operations. Emerging findings also highlight low cost and high return on investment opportunities. These ranges vary from low-cost measures such as fine tuning the settings of processes, to introducing new processes. We also make a number of recommendations concerning higher cost aspects of the business and ways to reduce those costs. All proposals are tailored to the needs of your business and based on your business strategy.

Monitor: this stage transfers information and data to your team, and provides you with tools to support observation and validation of future performance against benchmarks. we are able to assist your team with coaching and experience support within the use and deployment of those tools, and also  provide ad-hoc support on ongoing basis, should your team need.