Resident Engineers

Our Resident Engineer Service offers clients with committed engineers who work on-site in a particular solution domain also integrated with staff operations. With businesses incapable to focus on non-business vital functions for instance IT support and selecting for outsourced support model; our RE services can give a feasible alternative to offer superior operational support and repairs functions even as resource investment is intended for revenue generating business flows.

With our Resident Engineering Services your organization can gain advantage from superior SLA for fault and ticket solutions. Your company can also leverage domestic O&M expertise while also providing top level support services. Here, we build strategic connections with vendor technologies and our licensed RE’s can directly interface with TAC (Technical Assistance Centers) reducing the spin time in isolating cases, accumulating the right level logs and giving due-diligence guidance to the local staff.

Key benefits and functions RE will provide include:

  • Operations assessments & planning of Network capacity
  • Network Designs – new technological services that are designed organized and provisioned on already existing infrastructure.
  • Advanced network analysis & troubleshooting
  • Equipment configuration & Maintenance; everyday operations and repair changes, upgrade & testing, firmware validation
  • Interface between your company operational team & the vendor TAC group
  • Knowledge transfers about the technology, features, functions & permanent staff training

RE’s focused on solutions directly impacting the bottom line to help out the consumer meet business objectives and attain substantial benefits.