Management System Services

At present, carriers face numerous challenges – surplus of technologies, networks convergence and the ever-growing demand for complex services – also look for for an all-in-one solution to change existing management silos competently but cost-efficiently.

Our Unified Management system is a high-tech solution for supervising and handling modern telecommunication networks. It is a carrier-class multiple technological Element, Network plus Service Management platform supporting all Telecom wireless as well as wire-line products. Third-party network features can be managed by using element mediation drivers that can be developed as a service. We unify the management of access and transmit networks, improving customer experience, lowering OpEx 7 improving effectiveness. Incorporated multi-domain error & Performance management and Service terms are carried out through a prevailing and intuitive user interface that personalizes customer workspace and adapts to client needs.


  • All-in-one solution replaces management-silos.
  • Quicker alarm-localization & troubleshooting resulting in shorter service reinstallation time.
  • Faster service deployment.
  • Compatibility with any hardware plus OS.
  • No need for third-party license charges.
  • Management of thousands of NEs through a single server.
  • Swift integration through umbrella NMS/OSS systems.
  • More competent routine works & operations.