High Level Design

A High Level Design (HLD) Document provides an overview of a solution, platform, system, service, product or any process. Such an overview is very crucial in a multi-project development to ensure that every supporting component design will be complementary with its interdependent designs. The maximum level solution design should momentarily explain all systems, platforms, products, services with processes that it depends upon and contain any imperative design considerations and choices that have been preferred.

A high-level design document will generally include a high-level architecture diagram representing the components, networks and interfaces that need to be more specified or developed in the Low-Level Design. The document may also portray or otherwise refer to work flows and/or data flows among component systems. Additionally, there should be succinct consideration of all major commercial, environmental safety, legal, technical and security risks, assumptions and issues.

The idea is to reveal all work areas briefly, obviously delegating the ownership of more comprehensive design action whilst also encouraging effectual collaboration among the diverse project teams. At present, most high-level designs need contributions from various experts, representing lots of distinct professional disciplines. At last, all types of end-user should be identified in the high-level design and every contributing design must give owing consideration to consumer experience.

High Level Design Document content must contains:

  • On the whole High Level Design Architecture
  • Key Technical Design choices & Criteria
  • Key Technical constraints
  • Catalog of dependencies and requisites
  • Overview of Solution
  • Project involved Risks and assumptions prepared.
  • Product or Solution features and functions

Spectrum System Integration Professional Services team provides HLD document services i.e. based on the above mentioned methodology; performing multiple design workshops, useful information collecting exercises and a creative consulting approach we can guarantee the HLD delivered addresses all primary solution design factors.