Programme Management

Our focus is to obtain the best for clients on their quality portfolio. We have a propensity to try this by combining consulting, operations and delivery into a perfect program management capability that comprehends and manages the whole quality lifecycle. This business approach enlightens our individual services so that we constantly look at the bigger picture on how an individual contributes to the overall business goals. This will offer you a consultant that is fully integrated with your business strategy and maximise return on your investment.

Your challenges

Unavoidably, there are trade-offs and changes that need to be created the quality portfolio as a result of performance external market & internal business changes. This might involve challenges to both capital cost and operating expenses, re-prioritisation of activities or maybe depriving assets and extensively re-organising business processes. We fully understand this real and broader picture that can provide the business level programme management functions;
•             signifying value & resource competence across your projects portfolio

•             Project’s Progress Monitoring for reporting

•             Achieving single point for cost, schedule and risk Knowledge

•             Risk Management & scope change

•             Ensuring program effectiveness

What we do

We work with you to prioritise and select the projects that most suit your business needs, whether these are quality replacements that alleviate a business risk, builds to identify the business opportunity, or projects that will bring effectiveness to your business functions. Our business case approach all the time considers the full asset lifecycle.

We categorize your needs such as consideration of where you are now and where you want to be, with the limitations of your business case.  We then create our solution to meet your needs including; your technical capability assessment, management information constraints. We offer controls and communications plan for delivering the portfolio. The last part is review & measure, where we confine the good and bad knowledge and innovation that drive a continual improvement environment.

Our ability is all about protecting the asset return on investment by achieving cost and schedule targets in addition to the wider performance targets for instance strength for purpose, stakeholder fulfillment and status improvement.  Our operation experts ensure operability, lifecycle cost; maintainability and transition to operating status are all entirely considered as integral part of the project process.

What you get

Improved program performance isn’t just important for project selection, superior project delivery, operating cost reduction or economically extending asset life – it’s about all of these and more. By taking a full program view, we work with our clients to recognize where all the improvement opportunities lie and how these can be realised. We will then build and deliver the concrete action plans to realise these opportunities.

Our portfolio management approach provides you with a saleable, adaptable solution which uses a wide variety of tools from simple off-the-rack excel to a fully integrated time, risk and cost SQL database, depending on your requirements. Where necessary we offer an additional suite of modified complementary tools.

Our team provides you with:

  • Time reduction standardised procedures and processes
  • Efficiency and continuous improvement leading to cost reductions
  • focal point accuracy giving you confidence in decision making
  • Right time scheduled reporting , cost and risk in formats and detail suits all of your stakeholders

Our portfolio management team offers you with the systems, methodologies and potential to manage multiple composite projects in a cost-effective and skillful manner. Our experts will assist you throughout the operations, ensuring you have the control and information that you need.